These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things…

One thing I could never give up, even if I wanted to, is bread. I love the stuff. I love sandwiches, I love toast, I love a slice of buttered bread as a snack. Seeded bread with some Président butter is my idea of heaven.

So finding out I couldn’t eat bread anymore was a little bit of a downer. For a long time I had eggs and bacon for breakfast, which was nice, but never quite hit the spot.

So I decided to try the gluten free varities. I haven’t tried many so far; Aldi’s (which they seem to no longer stock) was ok, but Sainsbury’s own and Genius is far too sweet; it reminds me of French sliced bread. It goes a bit claggy in your mouth and is a touch disappointing.

Then, ladies and gents, I happened upon this beauty…


Marks & Spencer has a fabulous range of gluten free food called Made Without Wheat (it’s also free of barley and rye, but I guess that just didn’t sound as catchy) and though a little pricey, is amazing.

This bread just tasted like real bread. It has the same texture, the same mouthfeel. It toasts fantastically well, and butter doesn’t just disappear into it like a blackhole. Ten out of ten, would recommend.

On the M&S website, they have this to say about their bread; “Gluten free loaves are often long life, which can affect the taste and texture. Ours aren’t, so they’re soft, light and delicious.” To be honest,  haven’t noticed they’re not long-life – a loaf lasts me about a week and is in perfect condition all the way through!

What I also like is that the slices aren’t stupidly small; they’re still on the small side, but you don’t feel like you’re being cheated. And the nutritional values appear to be better than my old standby, Hovis seeded!

In fact, everything I have tried from M&S’s range so far has been wonderful. I don’t really eat cake so can’t comment on that, but their ciabatta is perfect, as are their pizza bases and triple chocolate cookies.

I feel kind of lucky that this food has come on the scene just as I’ve had to go gluten free. It just makes you feel more normal – no longer are you the person buying that weird, processed looking, vacuum packed bread; you’re buying the delicious looking seeded loaf with the green branding. And I’m definitely ok with that!

Nikki x


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